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techBit: Atheist Housing

I have a quick question for the world. I was looking a renting out a room to a college student or something, and I was using Craig's List to advertise for it (yeah, I know about the number of creepozoids on Craig's List, I'll be fine).

Anyway, when advertising for housing, you are not allowed to discriminate. Unless you are renting a room in a house, then you can discriminate with regard to sex.

But you are not allowed to say "No muslims", or "Jews Only" or anything like that. Here is the description on this item from the fair housing act as summarized by Craig's List.

2. religion
  • postings stating a preference for the religion of a desired applicant
    (eg. "Christians only," "no Muslims," etc)

  • postings describing the religion of current occupants of the complex
    or neighborhood (eg. "nice, Christian neighborhood", or "Jewish family
    seeks roommate," etc)
Atheism isn't a religion.

Can I write "Atheists only?" Isn't that the same as specifying "college degree required" or "Only for people who where hats"?

Not that I would be interested in doing that, I'm just wondering.

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