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Nice religious upbringing

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This kid (mom shown to the right) started out with phony phone calls and then "allegedly" moved up to being paid to perform bomb threats at schools so his customers could miss a day.

Mom, completely endorsed his original phone call activities:

“I heard the prank phone calls he made,” says Annette Lundeby of Oxford. “They were really funny prank phone calls…. He made phone calls to, like, Walmart.”

But no bomb threats, right Mrs. Lundeby?

Lundeby denies knowing anything about her son staging bomb hoaxes. But she admits seeing a YouTube video in which “Tyrone” jokes that he’s hidden a bomb in a box of take-out chicken.

So which is it, you didn't know anything about bomb threats or you heard him joking about bomb threats?

What were these 'funny' phone calls the mother was encouraging her son to make?

...laced with profanity and racist slurs...

Oh mom, how charming, you are doing such a wonderful job. If you read the article (more versions from many sources can be found all over the internet), you can get a picture of how deluded this woman is about her son's activities. Granted she is trying to keep him out of jail.

This particular case got some notoriety because one news source simply parroted her ignorant claim that their house was raided using Patriot act authority. No such thing happened though. You can't call in bomb threats, they raided based on far older traditional laws as far back as 1939.

OK, enough fun, this woman is raising her child to be a racist, hateful sociopath. Why am I writing about this? Well because its just yet another case where we can see that religion has nothing to do with morality. This kid is homeschooled, taken to church every weekend. I thought religion was supposed to instill a moral foundation. Funny, I don't believe in any fairy tale nonsense about gods and zombies, but I don't call in bomb threats for money or make hurtful, racist phone calls. Even when I was 15.

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