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Ghost Town

You may have noticed that the tumbleweeds have been blowing by here. I have not gone. I am not taking a hiatus. Sadly, this is another one of those times where real life is intruding on my ability to get posts out.

I have some good ones 1/2 written (still), and I am slowly working on some skeptical thinking projects, for web and I am starting to teach myself how to make apps for my iPhone. I have some snarky apps in mind.

This dumb post is a result of my buying a Mac (no other way to progrsm iPhone apps) and trying out MarsEdit as a blogging tool. I was very comfortable with LiveWriter, which seems better and easier to do what you want from the start. But then again I have been away from macs for 15 years and have been playing with this for 10 minutes. So it may be premature.

Anyway, bear with me, I'll be back soon

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