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Help a friend out

Hi all.

Just a quick note here. A blogger who I have been reading for a while is in need of some help. She recently had some gall bladder problems and she had it removed in the emergency room. She is in pain and needs a couple of bucks to get a bed. She recently moved and has been sleeping on the couch.

I "met" Amanda through her blog as she was writing her thoughts as she deconverted from a pretty strong fundamentalist faith into agnosticism. It was a very hard journey for her (as I understand it is for many who go through similar trials). In the process she lost some friends and most of her readership. As I said, its a tough road. One I never had to go through.

I can already imagine the fundies reacting with some heartwarming responses such as "You deserve it for turning your back on god". I don't know if anyone said that, I can just imagine it. Throw a couple of bucks her way, she doesnt need much, show her how helpful the atheist community can be.

Update: Mandi has got her bed! Thanks to whomever helped!

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