Reimagined and Revamped. Fighting the spread of nonsense often feels like a Sisyphean task. However, the joy is in making the information available, not the hope of conversion.



Well I’m going to give this a shot. I am very aware of my limitations. I wish I had time to  be expert on a great many things, but we must pick and choose. I have an idea that I think will enhance many skeptical debates, but I need help. If you answer yes to all of the following questions, maybe you can send me an email?

Can you program websites? I don't mean modify templates, I can do that. I mean could you, with time, create a website like reddit or Can you create code that would be generated for people to place on their websites that would direct people to particular links on this website? Similar to digg buttons.

Are you truly skeptical? Would you really change your mind about something given a standard of evidence that you use for other things you agree with? If it could be shown the gun ownership reduces crime without increasing accidental death, would you change your gun control stance? Is there ever enough evidence that could be assembled that would lead you to believe in a designer?

Do you have time to make a website? I have no idea how long this would take, there may be tools available around to make implementation faster. I’m not looking for a lot of graphics or flash. Just functionality. I don’t think its pure html, i suspect there is java involved. But I am not sure. These is not a static site and will require a database and account creation.

Would you want to work with an anonymous skeptic?

Well those are my big questions. I’m sure more may crop up.

I really think this idea could attract a lot of traffic and I really think it would help a lot in skeptical debates and getting information out there. I can’t offer money, who has any? I can offer some part of any sort of google ad revenue, but some of that money would have to go towards maintaining the site.


Any takers?

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