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Class 1M radiation


I was browsing amazon for a gift for my sister. I was looking for a portabel DVD player, and I tend to look at the negative comments first to see if there are any compelling arguments against buying something. I came across this one:

I bought this because it looked high quality, then at the back of the DVD player when i took it out of the box says it has Class 1M radiation. They don't put that on the retail box, because it would lose money, but they put it on the bottom of the DVD player so they are not legally accountable. That means that if you have glasses, the laser is invisible and will go right into your eye, amplified, and damage it. I don't know about you but i don't want radiation in my eyes, I'm getting rid of this junk.
I couldn't help giggling. talk about not knowing anything. First off someone needs to catch up on what the word radiation means.

But beyond that all DVD players are rated Class 1M radiation. So are all CD players, optical drives and laser pointers. Why? Because there is a laser in there. Yeah a little dinky laser that reads the pits that are burned into a CD or DVD. The funniest part of this is that he is griping about something about this classification being worse because he is wearing glasses, but the laser is on the inside of the machine with the door closed! It turns off when the door is opened.

Anyway, this sort of comment from ignorance cracks me up. I thought I would share.


On 12/22/08, 12:36 AM , wackyvorlon said...

In fact, it takes a lot of work to get to the laser. He'd have to take the machine apart, and pry open the read head.

On 1/11/09, 11:04 AM , Anonymous said...

Actually a have a portable dvd player, and it is possible to see the laser. The lid switch does turn it off, but if you power it up with the lid off it will actually try to read a dvd and actually play it (with the lid open).

On 1/11/09, 9:09 PM , Techskeptic said...

Oh Noes! I hope you are not wearing glasses!



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