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Some reasons why I don’t buy into Libertarianism


When some state assert their rights to modify education, education gets worse

When some state assert their rights to control abortion, women’s rights get limited

When some states assert their rights to limit free speech, human rights gets trampled on


This last one is what set me off to break a long spell of not writing anything due to real life stress and time limitations. This type of law is wrong on so many levels. Of course we should be able to record the activities of publically paid officials, especially when they are in public areas. If the video can misrepresent the situation, then we let a court sort it out. But people are being put in jail for recording officers who they think are abusing their power, and they should have every right to do so! I’m calling my congressmen and senators, this is fundamentally a bad law.

The funniest part, is that if you look at the comments to each of these articles, you will notice that there is a number of people who state something to the effect of how this is horrible government impinging on their rights. Often blame goes to Obama. It’s the state governments! It’s a peek into what sort of things we can expect from a libertarian country. No thanks! I’d like to know that whatever state I go into in our single country, some basic rules and rights and opportunities remain the same.

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