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Depressing Article


While I have for the most part sworn off reading Discovery News because of its tendency, like New Scientist, to hype and misreport, I did see this.

A new Pew Research Center poll indicates that 27 percent of Americans say the nation's greatest achievements are in science, medicine and technology, more than any category other than don't know.

But that's down from 47 percent in a similar study a decade ago, the center reported Thursday.

How depressing. The Europeans publish more science than we do, and continue to excel in a number of areas over the US (except military size which is what we have excelled in for decades).

But you know what? Considering that

87 percent of AAAS scientists believed that humans and other living things evolved naturally, compared with 32 percent of the general public

I’ll take this as a win:

And 69 percent of Americans say all parents should be required to vaccinate their children, compared with 82 percent of scientists.

Note, that says required. That is different than what we have now, where parents are just encouraged.

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