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TechBit: Dear Fundies

Dear Fundamental Religious person,

Do you think the U.S. constitution is currently interpreted exactly as the founding fathers intended? Or do you think that over a short 232 years, our current interpretation is different, to any degree, than the founding fathers originally wanted?

What in the world makes you think that didn't happen with your personal or sect's interpretation of a book written thousands of years ago?


On 2/7/09, 9:01 AM , sparkomatic said...

Found you. Still can't find an e-mail contact that works. I am still curious about the mechanics of the footbath fraud I commented on at pharyngula


On 2/7/09, 9:21 AM , Techskeptic said...

You are right. This is a new template and I forgot to include my email address somewhere. Its now included in the About Me section to your right.