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TechBit: Best Game Ever

I have been reminiscing today. I was talking about computer games with some friends of mine. Then I started looking at some "all time best games" that are around the internet.

I have yet to see a list with my favorite game ever made

Sacrifice: I have yet to play a a game that I have liked more than this one that isn't an MMO (I got totally hooked into World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online and Ultima Online, the last of which extended my PhD an extra 6 months).

This is not to say that there arent other good games out there, there certainly are. But even Warcraft, StarCraft and other RTSs, while certainly good, didnt capture my imagination and attention like Sacrifice did.

While the company that made this game, Shiny, has now been swallowed up, I would love to see a sequel or even just a refresh of this same game out there.

If you can get a copy of it in the discount bins, I highly recommend it.


On 1/5/09, 5:27 PM , carnifex said...

Shiny made some fine games. If you enjoy RTS games I suggest checking out Metal Fatigue and Emperor: Battle for Dune. Either one would take some wrestling to get going under anything, even wine. Metal Fatigue can be very daunting, especially since it wasn't ever given the grace of a patch, due to Psygnosis exploding during its release. Lately I've been playing a lot of Master of Orion 2, primarily because it's quite fun, but also because I'm still trying to forget 3.

On 2/11/09, 1:31 PM , Anonymous said...
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