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Cue the wackos

Can we presume the same folks who were behind the Obama birth certificate nonsense will now be behind the new theory that since Obama did not deliver the oath as written in the Constitution, then he is not the president.

I'm waiting....

UPDATE: Dang it! They prevented the wackos from clamoring by retaking the oath. Apparently they think there are the same wackos out there. Same "So help me god" in there, no bible this time.


On 1/20/09, 12:57 PM , Heavy said...

No, we are sticking with the Constitution. He is not President because he is not a natural born citizen. And it has NOTHING to do with his place of birth.

On 1/20/09, 1:46 PM , Techskeptic said...

Is it that you dont like the 14th amendment? Or is this the one where its because of his mothers residence? Too bad that rule only applies for children born outside of the US.

Are you under the impression that if this were a real issue, Palin wouldn't have brought it up every single time she spoke?

On 1/20/09, 2:53 PM , Heavy said...

Actually, once you become a citizen of another country, you can be a naturalized citizen(Which I doubt he is), but you CANNOT regain natural born status.

THE ONE is naturalized, at best, or more likely ILLEGAL!

Either way, he is Constitutionally inelligable!

On 1/20/09, 3:21 PM , Techskeptic said...

Well I have been wrong before on my reads of the constitution (I dont see how it says that there is an individual right to own a gun, nor did any supreme court until recently)


"but you CANNOT regain natural born status"

and I'm sure you can find a place in the constitution that says that a) that he lost it and b) can not regain it.

Because a lot of evidence would be required to show that he lost it according to this

"For a natural-born citizen, losing your citizenship is actually quite difficult."

Here are the ways you might lose it:

1 Becoming naturalized in another country
2 Swearing an oath of allegiance to another country
3 Serving in the armed forces of a nation at war with the U.S., or if you are an officer in that force
4 Working for the government of another nation if doing so requires that you become naturalized or that you swear an oath of allegiance
5 Formally renouncing citizenship at a U.S. consular office
6 Formally renouncing citizenship to the U.S. Attorney General
7 By being convicted of committing treason

"The law also says that these acts must be voluntary and with the intent of losing U.S. citizenship"

May I presume you think its #1 or #2? May I presume you have evidence of those? If you do, do you think he did these with the intent of losing US citizenship?

Considering he was less than 10 years old at the time, I doubt you or anyone can show intent or choice in the matter.

Good luck with that.

On 1/23/09, 7:35 AM , Skeptico said...

Cue the wacko's what?

On 1/23/09, 8:19 AM , Techskeptic said...

LOL! that took me a second to understand... fixed

On 1/24/09, 4:17 PM , Skeptico said...

Oh I understand now - thanks.


On 1/28/09, 6:52 PM , Dan said...

What we REALLY want to know from "Heavy" is how we don't have to pay income tax, on account of how a flag has a fringe on it and the Federal Reserve created a corporation in our name when they swapped our parents for precise duplicates.

(Also, obviously they messed up the oath the first time deliberately, so that Obama COULD re-take the oath in private, where nobody could see him put his reptilian claws on the baby-skin-bound Masonic Islamonecronomicon and then recite the oath in Koine Greek, backwards. Honestly - do I have to spell EVERYTHING out for you people?!)