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Tech fully supports the Irfans

To me, this is more reason why critical thinking truly needs to be taught far better and be far more embraced by our society.

Behold, AirTran and the Irfans.

You see... the Irfans are Muslim, and you know they don't look like white Christians. So when some people of middle eastern decent get on a plane and start discussing where the safest place to sit might me, of course we should immediately start suspecting them of being suicide bombers, or justr bombers.... or what exactly? I dont get it.

Note to stupid whilte folk and their dumb children: if a suicide bomber is on a plane, why in the world might he be talking about where to sit in order to be the safest? If he was just a bomber and not a suicide bomber, why would he be on the plane at all?

So these folks, Americans by the way, get removed from the plane for doing nothing wrong (really, have you not ever had this same exact discussion?) and interrogated by the FBI. The FBI clears them, specifically asks Airtran to give them seats on another flight so they can get going. They won't do it, and then are surprised that one of them loses their temper?

Atif Irfan is a lawyer. Its rare that I hope someone sues over being mistreated. I hope he sues to have mandatory critical thinking classes for AirTran employees.

Its too bad the Irfans didn't catch the recent episode of Stuff You Should Know on how to survive a plane crash. The answer to their question was in there: a higher percentage of people survive a plane crash when they sit in the back, I believe it was 40% higher than other places in a plane.

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