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Been a long time

Well, it has.

So many reasons i have left blogging: Work, kids, houses. but many bloggers have these things.

Really it was the skeptical community and last years NECSS that really took the wind out of my sails. I even started writing a long post detailing all the issues I found with NECSS, the recent "don't be a dick" meme, and the skeptic community as a whole.

Frankly even that bored me. I couldn't finish it. I think Tom has it right. Skepticism is something you do, not something you are. I just couldn't get into the community part of it. Frankly, I didn't care of most if the people I met there were going to be friends with me or not, and the "luminaries" were emotionally unavailable when I met them and made me feel like they really couldn't be bothered with me. I'll note that the exception was Bob Novella who talked with me for a while about a few things including my Skeptic's Bingo iPhone app.

While I'm on this theme of having no time, being put off by the skepticism community, and iPhone apps. I have another one brewing and I have redone Bingo to be easier to read and use. But I have finished neither and therefore have released neither. Again, no time, loss of enthusiasm, etc. I don't know if or when they will ever be released.

I hope I get my spark back. I've been trying to figure out how I might get reacquainted. First off, I am never at my computer. So I downloaded Blogsy for the iPad (this post was written on it). My iPad is always with me, perhaps I can get some thoughts down. I also have a couple of ideas for books I would like to write, and may use this blog to throw around ideas. Perhaps, if I can get my readership back, you folks would Iike to play with some of these ideas I have, beat them up a bit, smooth them out.

Well, that's it for today.

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