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Go easy on me

As you may have seen, the next Skeptic’s circle has arrived at Homologous Legs. He gives us a nice journey through the wide and varied circle of skeptics who bring you great posts every couple of weeks!

As you will know by going there,  completely to my wife’s disdain and exasperation, I signed up for the next circle, #115. Her furious flustering is completely warranted, since she is so pregnant I have seen small objects orbit around her. Yes, we are about to have a baby, and of course the due date is within days of the next circle.

I really have been wanting to do this for a while and in my excitement I didn't attach the offered date to the birthday of my new son, because, as he will soon know, his dad is an absent minded dork.

I don’t want to limit the entries, I hate when people do that. I want everyone to have exposure of their best and brightest posts. But please take it easy on me, please just send me your single best post from the next two weeks. If you don’t have something “Circle Quality” please send nothing, we all have dry patches. At worst, flag it as “2nd tier” and I will look at it in a second round for entry (in case everyone gets scared off by my request here and sends nothing). I don’t want to discourage people from putting stuff in the circle, but I want to provide a quality one even with my scheduling conflicts. Please be my proof reader.

All entries can be sent to

Do good work! Send em in!




P.S. For fun, tell me what the name of the planet you would be from is (if you were not from this one), it doesn’t have to be real. Tell me what the name of your species would be if you were from that planet. Oh, and I’d really like to know what you would be doing in your life, as a member of that species on that planet. Or heck, keep this information to yourself, if you think its so secret.

P.S.S. Yeah, I’m a 41 year old little boy. :P

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