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I have proof of God

or at least I would if this occurred in nature...

I am often asked what it would take for me to change my view about the existence of an all knowing, all powerful, omnipresent being who can control every single electron in the universe. So here it is, I'm putting it out there. Its really not that much for an entity such as this, I mean, us measly humans can do it.

According to the description, there are no speakers in this demo. The sound is made by the lightning itself. Therefore all the physics are available to God, he doesn't have to affect civilization by moving a mountain, he doesnt have to turn anyone into a frog, he doesn't have to regrow a limb for anyone. Just make some lightning to some music that he also provides.

.... it would also be nice if he could draw, in lightning, some text that indicates which book I'm supposed to follow.


On 11/10/07, 11:09 PM , Berlzebub said...

Imagine the bass line he could put down, too. He'd make all these teenagers green with envy in the process.

On 1/19/08, 1:00 PM , Genewitch said...

Yeah, tesla coils are fairly amazing. Too bad they take 15-45kV to run. (low ... current though, saltwater capacitors can provide the charge)

here's the problem though... religion requires faith... if faith wasn't needed, religion wouldn't be either. and seriously, god putting on a electric light parade would probably start a lot of wars. :-(

On 1/19/08, 6:33 PM , Techskeptic said...

The amazing part is the fast switching of such high voltages. The lightling is switched fast enough to provide the sound waves. I was pretty impressed.

As for faith, of course that is true for you and me. But don't forget, many of these folks feel that they have evidence for God. They think this evidence is as good as the sun rising. They were healed, they had a hallucination, they see design, etc etc. Many of them don't just leave it at faith, they think they have evidence, its just their evidential requirement is rather low.