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Shoveling Snow

I like shoveling snow.

Well, I don't really like th actual act of shoveling, especially since the sidewalk in front of my building is so uneven. But I do like the opportunities shoveling snow affords me. Snow shoveling is a cheap, easy way to help out and maybe show you care.

For example, the building next to be is vacant. So no one really shovels there. When I am out there shoveling in front of my building I just look over to the next one and I imagine a little old lady or kid coming down the sidewalk there, slipping and falling and hurting themselves. I can't stand the idea, so, I shovel that building.

I don't get any extra credit. The owner isn't there to thank me. The little old lady who didn't fall down isn't going to thank me and leave me with her estate after she passes. Nope, I just like the feeling I get when I have done something nice.

Some days, if the storm is real bad, I'll go around and help two or three people dig out their cars. I get offered money, I get asked what I want. I tell them I don't want anything, I just want them to help someone else out some time. Yeah, I saw the movie "Pay It Forward". I think its a pretty good idea, even if the reality is that almost no one pays it forward.

Today, perhaps I went a little overboard. I shoveled my place, then I walked one block to the YWCA one block over and salted the icy patches. Then I walked another block over to clear out the sidewalk in front of a friend of mine who happens to be christian who is going through a tough time. I cleared out her sidewalk, salted it and built two snow heads (they sort of look like Sesame Street character heads) for the kids. I'm waiting to see if she claims that God gave her a gift.

The point is that you are already out there with a snow shovel. You are already bundled up. A little extra work goes a long way. It's a great feeling to help someone out who really needed it.

Go forth and shovel.

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