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I dont usually have a lot of crude language on this blog. But sometimes there is simply no other word that fits someone.

In case you haven't been following the Shorty Awards (I never even heard of this thing). Both Dr. (cough) Mercola and Mark Adams from Natural News were ahead in the health section. The skeptic community got together and moved Dr. Rachie ahead. She is now winning both from this push but also from the fact that a huge number of the votes for both Mercola and Adams were fraudulent, i.e. Twitter accounts created to vote for them.

So Adams, loses first place, in fact got disqualified for this, and start whining, threatening lawsuit (please do), and finally launching the most uninformed and just plain old stupid post about the skeptic community.

I was going to take apart his post, but I have to admit that not only did Tom Foss beat me to it, but he wrote essentially what I would have.

Well I guess I could alway shoot at second worst with his utterly whiny facebook entry.

This overweight non-physician has arrogantly bashed nearly every alternative therapy and encourages reliance on drugs

Really now. Its virtually the same thing as Adams Rant. The skeptic position is simple, it doesn't matter what you are claiming, chemotherapy or Aloe Vera:

Present evidence that it works

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