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TechBit: Body Count

I promised I wouldn't do another Vaccine and Autism post...and I wont. However perhaps you noticed the new widget over there to the right.

I'll just do another little boost for the Jenny McCarthy Body Count site. I am another blogger who is completely disgusted by her actions as much as I am angry at Jim Jones who also lead large numbers of people astray, completely throwing away any of their own thinking skills, and at the parents who brought along their kids, many to their eventual death.

But in this case, even the people who follow her ignorant drool, can in fact, hurt the children of the parents who kept their head on straight and vaccinated their kids (like me!). Vaccinations work great, but never 100%. By vaccinating your kids you have greatly increased their chances of escaping infection, but not totally, having idiots around you keeping their kids unvaccinated increases the chances of infection to the children of parents that were responsible. See Herd Immunity.

OK, 'nuff said.

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