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Saying Hello


As I mentioned in my last post, I use Google Analytics a lot to see what posts are popular and who is reading my blog. I just thought I would spent a little time thanking you for visiting me.

My 10 most popular posts over the last year are the following:

The tenth most read post was a short one linking to a bingo game that I made so you can play creationist bingo. You can play right online, but also it allows you to make real cards that you can print out and take to lectures. The cards are randomized. You can also make booklets that explains the reasons why the tired argument in the square is false. Sadly while it has been downloaded often enough, I have yet to hear of anyone actually using it.

The ninth most popular was about the fallacy of assuming that because ancient Chinese medicine is old, it is also good. I wrote this post for myself mostly so that I would have something to reference whenever this idea gets brought up.

The eighth most popular post was a one that linked to a report I wrote describing why the Medis 24/7 is all hype and no bite.

The seventh most popular post from last year was my post on global warming. This was another post I wrote for myself so that I could refer to it when someone asks me why I think its real.

The sixth most popular post was about correct thanking. Basically I was pointing out that when amazing things happen that saves lots of people, you can thank literally generations of millions of people’s work, money and energy to have made that happen. God is a cop out.

The fifth most read post was about Blacklight energy. Another energy company making bold energy claims that go against current understanding of physics. which would be ok, if they also provided evidence that they can actually do what they say they do. It basically another Medis in the making.

The fourth most popular post was about Direct Buy and how their business scheme can be totally honest and viable, but still not provide benefit to a majority of the members. It doesn't need to be a scam to be scammy.

The third most popular post was about DECT phones in particular and wireless products in general. Don’t be afraid.

My second most read post was a quick one along the lines of correct thanking, but referencing the plane that went down in the Hudson River.

But by far, my most popular entry is my post on atheist charities. I am happy to see this one is so popular. I am happy that people are linking to it. I am happy that it turns up first on a Google search. Thanks for making it that way.

Hello out there, I see you.

I also notice that I have some regular readers. While I do not post every day, I see you coming back every once in a while, so…

To my friends in Seoul, South Korea, welcome. I see you popping in once in a while. I am glad you check in. But to my friend in Taejon, I see you are checking in and spending time reading whole posts. I really hope you are finding things that are interesting. But looks like my friend(s) in Puchon visited me quote a bit a few months ago, but have since left me. You will be missed.

In Norway, both from Oslo and Alesund, I say I hope to visit you one day soon. My family is from Denmark and I hope to make a trip to see Denmark (again), Sweden and Norway. Perhaps there are some skeptic events at the time. Thanks for reading.

To the few readers in Wavre and Zedelgem, Belgium, I say Hoe gaat het? I hope I have that right.

Amazingly to me, there is someone in or near Tartu, Estonia, reading my blog. Hi there!

Something I wrote got some play in Bucharest Romania. Not sure what it was, but I’m happy you enjoyed it and passed it around.

The rest of my regular readers seem to come from places that are a little more expected, like the US, the UK., France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. These numbers are bigger and I don’t want to go through each city, but thanks for visiting anyway.

I realize the locations are probably not exact, but I just wanted to tell you that I am happy you read this and keep coming back even though I don’t write regularly. Please comment and tell me what you like or dislike.

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