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Are Homeopaths freaking serious?

I gotta say, I didn't expect the world of homeopathy to say "Alright, you caught us, we're full of shit", but I did perhaps expect some reflection, some semblance of introspection, some effort on their part to even try to understand why the scientific community thinks they are full of it.

Nope, in fact just the opposite. Check this out, from George Vithoulkas, Homeopath Extraordinaire: He issued a challenge to the sceptic's in response to the 1023 campaign.

I propose the remedy to be Alumina 200C ( a dilution far beyond the Avogadro number) and I promise them that in the end of 60 days a considerable number of them (up to 10% or more) will be suffering with slight to severe constipation.
You need to find 40 sceptics for this experiment.

So, what you are saying Georgie, is that after 2 month of drinking a little water, every day (doesnt mattere how much apparently according to him, 4 people will have anything from "slight" to "severe" constipation.

Why not claim "slight" to "severe" itching? Or "slight" to "severe" dry mouth?

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint that there is. 1.5% of people complain they are constipated "most" or "all of the time". So how many people have "slight" constipation?

Why just 10% Georgie? Why doesn't you magic water affect 50% or 100%? If I give a real drug, say morphine it has some effect on almost 100% of the people. Why does your magic water only affect people in the same percentage as your would expect anyway? How will you measure "slight" constipation?

More importantly George, if the skeptics did perform your clearly ridiculous test, and show that water performed exactly as you would expect water to perform, would you then come out and say "oops, looks like I was wrong"? What are the ramifications to you if your test was performed?

As far as I can tell, looks like you just want to waste people's time.

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