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New look

Well, I've simply had too many complaints about the white on black template I was using. Plus I'm finding it everywhere, so many people use the same template that I was, it was getting silly (although this is strange since so many people dislike it). It seems to be a popular template. So I have changed it. Hopefully this one is a little easier to read. Please forgive strange color choices in my old posts, I'll try to fix at least some of my popular posts.

Blogger doesn't really give a lot of choices for templates and I am not that handy with html, so it will take me a little while to fix this up. I hope this works better for everyone.


On 12/15/08, 3:58 AM , vjack said...

Yep, this one is much easier to read. Looks good.

On 12/15/08, 7:40 AM , Skeptico said...

This is certainly a lot easier to read.

On 12/15/08, 9:51 AM , carnifex said...

Personally, white on black is a lot easier to read, and I think people complain solely because they have their monitors set too bright and can't separate themselves from relating expectations of the readability of something as it would be on paper versus an illuminated display. It's like people have learned to enjoy a degree of eye strain.

With short reads like blogs, it would have to be really bad for me to bother commenting on it, but since it was brought up, that's my two cents.