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Clearly I have been out of the loop for a little while. I am having a hard time posting and there are some exterior issue with regard to blogging that I will write about in a little while. So please forgive me while I wimp out for a couple of weeks. I am going to do something that I realize is a little weak.

I am going to repost from another blog I used to participate in.

Finding Common Ground was a blog that had a good start with good intentions. The lead organizer Amanda got a good group together of christians, agnostics and athiests together to discuss things like where we get our morality from, how we view different aspects of our lives and so forth.

It was a site that was not number crunchy like this one, and yet participating in it helped me a little bit so be able to distinguish fundy from moderate and how they view each other. It was an interesting experiment, but alas, it appears to be over as comenting over there has essentially stopped.

Since I am not paying for that site, and don't have overall control of it, I thought I would repost my entries here. So if you will forgive a few days without bunk-busting, Im going to put one up here every day. I hope you will participate, read the original comments at FCG site, and perhaps peruse other poeple's entries.

Have fun.

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