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Back from traveling

Just got back from traveling... so I have some questions...

1) is teenage pregnancy back to being a bad thing, or are we still on this weird thing where is somehow good?
2) Is the Iraq war as "God's will" still a good thing?
3) Does anyone realize how worried most Europeans are about McSame being voted into office?
4) Has anyone yet considered that after 12 years of republican rule in congress and 8 years of a Bush presidency that perhaps our economic problems are not the fault of the democrats?


On 9/30/08, 3:31 PM , tinfoil said...

3) Not just Europeans, us Canucks are shaking in our fur-lined boots too. Well, not Bush Jr, but hopefully he's turfed in the coming election (though that's not looking likely). It's also somewhat surprising the little amount of play the Chinese decision to limit or completely forbid Chinese banks from lending US banks any cash.

Welcome back.

On 10/3/08, 8:06 AM , lelia said...

Oh sigh,
Bush tried 17 times to get Congress to act on Fannie Mae etc., and was blocked each time. Chris Dodd received 150,000 or so from them, and Obama a little less. The next four names on amt received are Republicans. Read O's Dangerous Pals by Stanley Kurtz at New York Post for a detailed report of how Congress screwed all of us.
Subsahara Africa adores Bush, and rightly so. Everyone else talked (and talked and talked), he delivered. He is not given credit for stopping the slaughter in south Sudan, semi-successful multilateral negotiation in Korea, Libya's change of heart about nuclear weapons, the immigration bill that everybody picked the one thing they hated about it and tore it down despite it being all kinds of across the aisle work,etc.
Over a month ago now, Anbar province was handed over to the Iraqi government so now there are only three more provinces to go in the handover. Last I checked (also over a month ago, it's been a busy month for me) 11 of the 18 benchmarks had been met and most of the rest were getting close.

Aw, what's the use? Eveytime anyone in my family tries to reason with anybody about politics, we are met with incredible invective. Ok, one sentence: here is why I am voting for a man who does not like people like me: McCain understands there is an enemy [that wants to cut off my head (or as the Koran states: strike me on the neck)], and that enemy is not the democratic party.

On 10/3/08, 8:12 AM , lelia said...

And I would like the first black president to be my son.

On 10/5/08, 10:27 AM , Techskeptic said...

Well although, I do drop a line here and there about politics, I generally try to keep this blog apolitical (even though my views certainly come through), so Leila I am going to refrain from responding to your post.

However, I too hope for you that one day your son becomes president, regardless if Obama wins or not.