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Someone just sent this to me. This guy is brilliant (presuming he made the software). I happen to like video games. Mostly RPGs and puzzle types, not shooters. But this is pretty damn cool.

and this is what nintendo comes up with. LOL


On 1/19/08, 11:21 AM , Genewitch said...

this is probably the COOLEST thing i have seen since i bought my VR headgear at a computer convention 6 years ago. Mine plugs into the video card, and the actual image on the screen is split in half, and the goggles are two LCD panels that flicker at half the rate of the refresh rate. Pretty awesome, but it gave you a headache on a small monitor. This looks waaaaay cooler.

On 2/12/08, 9:39 PM , trog69 said...

Fantastic! I too am an RPG fan, and I can imagine some very cool fight scenes with this.